The disinfection module with real-time fever detection!

* The externally measured temperature is converted into a very reliable body temperature by means of an algorithm.

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In a few weeks’ time, the measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus are expected to be reversed in phases. This means that the number of people gathering in public locations will increase. It is important to maintain the vigilance that has been created in order to prevent the attention for the virus and the remaining security measures from weakening during this period and thus to increase the number of infections again.

FeverVision has been developed to support, for example, retailers, businesses and institutions when measuring fever for visitors. Prepare yourself and your company for a safer future!

The World Health Organization (WHO) and national health organizations emphasize the importance of intensive hand hygiene, as the main method of preventing the spread of viruses.

FeverVision is equipped with a disinfection module, where an information video is played after checking the body temperature. This video explains the user how to efficiently disinfect the hands. Invest in the safety of your employees and visitors and place the FeverVision.


  • Recognizes fever among visitors and guests
  • Combines a high resolution camera with a medical infrared sensor (accurate to 0.2 ° C) and hand disinfection in one device
  • Contributes to creating a safe environment for shoppers, catering guests and employees
  • Plug and play, ready for immediate use
  • Ability to play information videos
  • High effectiveness through automatic calibration


High efficiency



FeverVision: recognize fever!

If a user stands in front of the FeverVision, the system measures automatically and real-time the body temperature from a distance of up to 20 centimeters. The reading is completely contactless.

The system guarantees accuracy down to 0.2 degrees Celsius, thanks to automatic and continuous calibration.
It is the only system without extensive installation, ready for immediate use and real-time temperature measurements.
FeverVision is the combination of temperature measurement and disinfection.

Through this combination, FeverVision contributes to a safer use of your location, facilities or products and services.

Thanks to a clear instruction video with a progress bar that counts down 30 seconds, the person standing in front of the screen can disinfect the hands thoroughly.

UPDATE: Our FeverVision module is particularly well-suited to help you meet strict anti-virus measures.

Thanks to our system, there is no need for an additional person to carry out the temperature measurements, therefore it is suitable for the 1.5-meter society as the governments propose.

In addition, the system focuses on correct hand disinfection, thanks to an instruction video with progress bar to contribute to good hygiene.

The plug-and-play system is easy to assemble and install by simply plugging the power plug into the socket.
Without complicated installation and the presence of customization options, such as adjusted instruction videos for supermarkets, dental practices and nursing homes that receive visitors.

FeverVision is priced € 2910,- ex VAT or € 80,- lease per month (price is for the wall model). For questions, please contact us!

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High quality infrared sensor

Companies from various sectors, supermarkets, various public locations, amusement parks and healthcare institutions have indicated that they would like to work with FeverVision.

Individual visitors and employees can be monitored quickly. In addition, the system is an incentive to wash hands thoroughly, for good hygiene that contributes to optimal health safety, and a reminder of the safety regulations that still apply.

  • Accurate temperature measurement
  • High quality infrared sensor
  • Automatic calibration

The system combines an infrared camera that measures temperature with a system to disinfect the hands with hand sanitizer. The camera measures the body temperature and provides a warning of (dangerously) high values. Customary as a quick screening, to limit health risks within your company or location.

In addition, the system shows a clear instruction video of 30 seconds, on how to disinfect hands correctly to everyone who uses it.

Affordable solution to get you started quickly

FeverVision is an affordable solution that is immediately available. With a lease option, there is no requirement for a major investment. The system can be easily used by two options; plug and play onto the wall or to simply place it and plug it into the socket.

Interested in our FeverVision module? Call us on +32 11 10 08 04 or fill in the form at the top of the page. Only together can we limit the most important health risks!